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The Interior Design Studio -kwilman&walowski was established in Poland in 2002. Its founders have gained their professional experience in various markets and different countries.The designer, Jola Kwilman, has been principally associated with the Polish market.Chris Walowski graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts – Department of Interior Design, worked subsequent 3 years at the Warsaw Institute of Industrial Design (interior design section) and in 1974 left for Australia. Over there he worked in a new and different environment, where he broadened his experience and learned new ideas and concepts. After working in television in the scenographic department, and later as a lecturer at the department of Interior Design in Melbourne, in 1980 he established his own design company - Design Agency. Undoubtedly his study in Poland at a reputable design school was very helpful in realising new opportunities to implement interesting and unconventional ideas. Apart from many assignments for the local Australian market, he also conducted projects in New Zealand, Great Britain, Israel, USA and Poland.

During one of his regular visits to Poland the idea of working together with a Warsaw designer, Jola Kwilman, was born. And so in 2002 by combining the many years experience of Chris with the excellent knowledge of the Polish market of Jola, the company kwilman&walowski was established.

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